Disability Accommodations

It is our goal to make your visit to Alchemy as pleasant as possible! We do everything we can to accommodate our patrons requiring special arrangements.

Our front lobby has a few stairs leading into the venue. If this poses an issue, we can escort you through our back entrance where the artists load in. The back entrance leads right into the venue and there are no stairs. Wheelchairs have no issues through this entrance.

If you require special seating we offer couch sections, tables with chairs, and bar seating. In our experience, the best option are the tables as you can easily see the stage and performances. Typically, all seating is first come, first serve. However, if you reach out to us in advance, we can reserve a section for you.

Moreover, if you require special parking, we can also reserve a space for you.

Please make us aware of any other accommodations you may require.

Please reach out to us in advance to make these arrangements. You can email us directly at alchemyprovidence {at} gmail.com.